Working with J Works Virtual Solutions

When you run an online business, you know how challenging it can be to balance day-to-day requirements. 

At J Works Virtual Solutions, we help online business owners grow and scale to the next level. Our approach isn’t simply about email marketing but about taking a holistic look at the entire business unit. We achieve this through effective and engaging three-day online summits that cover best practices for client engagement, sales revenues, mail marketing, and more. 

We build, develop and launch these summits for clients worldwide seeking to reach new audiences and grow to new heights. Our clients gain incredible value from these summits and see increased marketing, engagement, and sales after working with us. 

Our streamlined process ensures all summit participants receive individual attention and leave with a clear understanding of action steps to grow their business. 

Jenna Moser, the founder of J Works Virtual Solutions, works closely with her team to ensure each client receives the highest quality support and 100% satisfaction by the end of the summit. 

Her honesty, respect for others, and detail-oriented approach ensure all participants have successful summits. Our company mantra is family first, business second. 

We constantly strive to communicate with our clients with transparency, honesty, and consistency so that they feel heard and valued. 

We know that a successful business relationship starts with a personal touch, and we aim to achieve that daily. 

Our team works closely and stays in consistent communication to keep our summits running seamlessly. 

We also have regular weekly meetings to discuss our approach and how we can fine-tune it to even better serve our clients. At J Works Virtual Solutions, we are proud to receive frequent referrals from clients who see that we deliver on our promises and want to spread the word to their friends and colleagues. 

We have been privileged to journey with clients to new heights, and we are excited to continue to deliver results for more clients around the globe.