Jenna's Success Story: How She Started a Tech Virtual Assistant Business and Became Self-Employed Full Time in Just 1 Year

I have always been interested in working from home and being her own boss. Many of my friends succeeded with their businesses, so she decided to try it. I became a virtual tech assistant because of my passion for technology and helping others. My VA School was the perfect fit for me. 

My VA School provides full support for students who want to become virtual assistants. In addition, the school offers courses on various topics, including social media marketing, customer service, and administrative skills. With the help of My VA School, Jenna was able to start her own thriving business.

After completing my certification in just one year and gained my first client shortly after. I realized quickly that I could make a full-time income from her business. So, in June 2021, Jenna decided to leave her corporate job and focus solely on her business.

Today, I am successfully self-employed and love offering summits the most. It is a way for businesses to grow and scale, and it is gratifying to be part of businesses meeting their goals. 

If you’re interested in starting your tech virtual assistant business, I highly recommend My VA School. You can succeed just like she did with the proper dedication and effort!

My company’s success would not be possible without the amazing team and clients I get to serve. J Works Virtual Solutions’ pride is staying true to values and mantra – family first, business second. Full support from my team has allowed me to create a thriving business. I am committed to my team and clients. I am looking forward to continued success.

I started my business with full support from my family and friends. It was a risky venture, but they believed in me and helped me to get it off the ground. The business thrived, and we were making our first profits within a few years. I’m so grateful to have had their support – without it, I’m not sure I would have achieved the level of success I have today. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, make sure you have the full support of your loved ones – it makes all the difference!

Until next time,

Jenna Moser– CEO of J Works Virtual Solutions