About Jenna Moser

Founder of J Works Virtual Solutions

I started my business in Fall 2020 while completing my certification with My VA School. I graduated in December and landed my first client in February 2021. This became my side hustle as I still had a corporate job (an auditor). I continued gaining clients while working nights and weekends until I could leave my corporate job in June 2021 and focus on my business full-time. I have continued to grow and scale my business to 5 figures with a small team.

During my certification, I fell in love with the summit process. Being type A and coming from an auditor background, I love the structure and details of the summit process. Summits have key tasks that must be completed regardless of the industry, type of summit, etc. I also have a passion for all things tech, so it seemed like a no-brainer to offer summit services to clients to do all of the behind-the-scenes setups required for a summit to launch. Summits are a great way to grow/scale your business revenue and your email list, and being a part of that for a business owner is truly rewarding.

– The Why –
We help online business owners grow their businesses

We have a proven system that helps bring about successful events with precision and success, resulting in increased email marketing lists as well as sales revenues or client engagement metrics

Our Values Treat Others with Respect Integrity Always Dependability & Trust Innovation Quality Work Hard, Play Harder